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April Production Update

Dear Backers,

We are gradually entering the production phase and we have widened our staff, both on the communications and on the technical side, so to maximise efficiency during this phase. The mould making is a very important step, which requires time and the utmost attention.  

Final 35mm Reel - Detail

At the moment we are elaborating the files, optimising the design, and starting to gradually build the steel moulds. This process should last about 8 weeks, during which we will keep working on all the other details - metal pieces, gaskets and non-plastic materials, packaging and logistics, etc. -, which we will keep you constantly posted on. In the meanwhile, we keep working with the final prototypes so to get ahead with technical tests, instruction design, pictures, tutorial etc. 

Final Film Guide - an essential multiformat piece

The Professional Lid is following a parallel process. Here, you can see the final prototypes of the screen, on which we are setting characters and functions, and the temperature probe. The green piece is the electronic board, on which you can already see the position of the keys that are going to be touchscreen. We will show you more images soon. 

Testing and setting Professional Lid LCD and Temperature Probe

In May, we are going to post a new update with more precise information about the timing and about the production process, which we will document step by step. For the time being, we can confirm our commitment to sending out your rewards by the end of the summer. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your patience and support, and to state again that our main goal is to produce an object of great quality and to deliver it to all of you, who made this project happen, as soon as possible.

Lab-Box Team

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