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April Production Update

Dear Backers,

Production is going great and about 60% of Lab-Box have been successfully assembled and packed! We are in the process of arranging logistics and shipments from the factory.  A lot of people started to think that we were never going to deliver this project, so we are even happier to share the following visuals with you :)

Lab-Box is really coming!

Lab-Box Packaging ready to be shrink-wrapped and shipped!

And yes, we have more detailed information on approximate delivery dates. So far, we plan on finishing and shipping all the batches from our factory by the second half of May. 

However, – and this is a good "however" – we will try to start shipping a few pieces even sooner in order to save some time, since a number of pledges are ready to go. 

We will contact you once we finalise the logistic arrangements, specifically once we have exact information about delivery time from the factory and then from our hubs to you.

Thanks again for your support!

All the best,

Lab-Box Team

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