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December Production Update

Dear Backers,

Throughout the past few weeks, our team has overseen works at the factory to organise production. After checking on every single piece and writing an important document on quality control, we have set all the manufacturing standards. We can now say that the printing phase has been entered: production has officially begun!

Printing process of Lab-Box tanks

A couple of weeks ago, we have made an important decisions: right before launching production, we decided to change the reel material to try and obtain more sturdiness. After running some tests, we have found a balanced combination of nylon and a special fibre that manages to harden the piece and to improve the appearance of the surface.

Final Reels material - Printing process

Finally, here is how our customised metal clip looks!

Final improved metal clip

As you might have grasped from our monthly updates, organising this work is neither fast nor simple. Coordinating dozens of different suppliers and running checks on all the supplied materials are onerous, time-consuming tasks. The majority of what’s necessary for the assembly line (i.e. screws, gaskets, etc.) has been received; the metal parts will be ready shortly.

Thousands of seal gaskets delivered

We have recently encountered an issue, which is currently being solved. Fortunately, the issue does not concern a piece in the assembly line; therefore, even if the piece will be ready a few weeks later, it will not affect the production schedule and will make it to packaging right on time.

Preparation pieces for assembly and packaging

Here you can see the premises where the assembly line will take place. We have tried to optimise operations by thoroughly instructing the assembly line manager, who is currently setting up all instruments to soon start assembling the 135 and 120 modules.

Assembly line space

Now to the time schedules: As we previously wrote, we are committed to dispatching the first batches by the end of the year. We still cannot pin down any date, but we can confirm that couriers are scheduled to pick up the first batches between the end of December 2018 and the end of January 2019.

Lab-Box Team

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