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February Production Update

Dear Backers,

We’re getting closer and closer to the realisation of Lab-Box’s components. 


We have also finished testing the latest changes - there have been several things we had to optimise and refine. The closing of all the drawing files and the design of the molds is the most important part of the process: it requires time and the highest level of attention so to avoid having problems later. We had to divide some pieces to prevent possible complications during the printing phase. Moreover, we had to redesign from scratch an accessory that unfortunately gave us problems, we will show you soon new pictures.  

Everything is almost ready for mass production, but we have some unexpected problems: we are already working on the solution and we are confident to solve the problem in a couple of weeks. We will give you details about that as soon as we have news.  

These issues will take some extra time, probably a couple of months but we will give you more detailed information next month. Anyway we want to deliver all the rewards by summer. We’re working hard and at the same time we’re proceeding carefully so to avoid making mistakes in the rush. We hope you understand our concern to take care of every detail and deliver a great product as soon as possible. Once the molds are ready, we need only a couple of weeks to realize all the pieces and start to assemble them.  

Here is also a short video of the tests we’re doing with C-41 development. We are also developing a C-41 Kit to use with Lab-Box, we will give you information soon.  

UPDATE - Where Lab-Box will be made  

As we have already underlined several times, the unexpected success of the Kickstarter campaign has changed our production plans. This also led us to rethink our choice of suppliers, production technology, logistics, and so on. In order to obtain an excellent result and use the collected budget to create a high quality product, we had to make an important decision that we want to communicate to you in full transparency:  

Lab-Box will be a product totally designed, tested and studied in Italy in every detail, as well as quality control will be carried out by us and our Italian collaborators. The realization of the single elements will instead be carried out totally in China, obviously under our constant presence.  

The reasons for this decision are: - The quality of the machinery and the results obtained by the company we will collaborate with are very high, better than expected. - Even if “made in China” is often synonymous with low quality, the reason why we are producing there is because of the high quality we can achieve, in a much faster time. - We didn’t take this decision to save money; on the contrary, with the same budget we will be able to achieve better precision and quality thanks to the possibility of optimizing and improving the molds to the maximum - more than we could do here in Italy. - We want to produce Lab-Box as fast as possible and with the best quality attainable, and this decision is the only one that allows us so.  

Next Update

A new update will come around late February/early March with more details about the production steps and the timeline.   The pre-sale website is closed, but before shipping you will be able again to add other products to your shipping.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Lab-Box Team

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