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February Production Update

Dear Backers,

Factories in China are now open and back at working at full capacity. As you can see in the video, we are proceeding with mass production and assembling of all the pieces. This part needs time, but we can say we are in the conclusive stage of our Lab-Box project. 

In the next few days, our team will again be supervising production and assembly line on site, in hopes to dispatch the first shipments as soon as possible. We will dispatch small quantities at first and then move on to delivering all your rewards.

In March, we hope to finally be able announce our new shipping plan and timing, as we are working on speeding up through these last steps as much as possible and deliver a first batch of Lab-Box orders. 

While some testers are checking and evaluating Lab-Box, we are finishing to lay out the instructions manual and record some video tutorials.

We are doing our very best, and we are almost there.

Thanks for your support

Lab-Box Team

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