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Final details and production timeline

Dear Backers,   

we keep on working and we are getting closer and closer to starting the production of Lab-Box. First, we want to show you some pictures in order to update you on some important points:   

Here, you can see the final 120 module, in which a roll locking system has been added to improve the functionality of the film chamber, that separates the film from the black backing paper. In this way, the film is well pressed and the separation occurs well.

Here, you can see the final model of the multi-format reel system: we have simplified and optimized it to the utmost in order to make the mechanism even more effective. With regard to the locking pins of the modules: we have received many messages regarding the concern that they may break. We want to reassure you that we are taking this aspect into consideration and reinforcing them as much as possible, in order to make them very solid. Keep in mind that you will have to change the module only when you change film format, therefore it is not an element subject to constant stress and the risk of breakage is reduced to the minimum in favour to greater stability and solidity.

Professional Lid: we are currently working on defining the electronic part of the lid, we hope to show you the first images shortly.   Timeline This is our planning at the moment:   December: We will define all the single elements in detail and finalize the design of the mold for each element. It is a delicate phase that is engaging us very much. We will obviously work also during Christmas holidays!   January: The molds will be created and we will start printing the first elements. We will make the final tests, and then give green light for the production phase to begin. End of January - Early March: All the elements will be printed. March: We will start assembling all the elements and packing all the Lab-Boxes. Towards the end of the month, we will start shipping your Rewards.Web Shop: we remind you that the new website and the platform are online. There, you can order other products to be added to your Rewards! Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts. Between the end of the year and the beginning of January we will update you with further news. In the meantime, keep on following us on our Facebook page!  See you soon 

Lab-Box Team

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