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January Production Update

Dear Backers,

Part of the pieces production and moulding has been completed; in fact, medium-format modules and other pieces are being assembled. All metal, rubber and plastic gear has been tested and okayed. All carton package boxes have been printed and are on their way to the factory. 

However, some tasks are taking longer than expected. Due to Chinese Holidays taking place between 25 January and 15 February, most factories – including ours – have been either closed or experiencing a slowdown in workflow since the beginning of January. Although already in process, our production and assembly line will resume after the holidays. 

Over the Chinese Holidays, we will continue to arrange the logistics. We will be asking some of you to confirm, clarify, or edit your delivery address, so we recommend that you check your inbox. In case you would like to update your delivery address, we invite you to contact us directly either via Kickstarter Messages or via email at

We will update you on the timeline as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Lab-Box Team

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