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July Production Update

Dear Backers,

We can finally share with you the first pictures of the final packaging design: we are currently producing the first prototypes and setting up the production. 

Lab-Box packaging - sketches
Lab-Box packaging prototypes

At the moment, part of our staff is working on the moulds for the Professional Lid, that, as you might remember, is following a separate production process: all electronic components have been defined, the temperature probe is being tested for waterproof certification, and the firmware has been completed.

In the next few days, we will also receive samples from the first batch of metal pieces. 

Metal parts

The stock of plastic materials has already been received and we are getting ready for testing the first ABS pieces: our suppliers keep working on the lengthy process of mold construction and yesterday we received a confirmation that they will be ready by the end of August.

Working the clip

This means that at the beginning of September we will have the first injection-molded samples, thus having precise information on assembling times. By the first half of September, we will (finally!) have detailed information on shipping dates, which we expect being between October and November. We know this is a new little postponement, but we are really doing everything in our power to speed up the process: we will not have holidays this summer, as we have to carefully follow all the steps and check all the results twice.

As announced last month, until July 31st you will be able to add more products to your reward (via and update your delivery address. On August 1st, we will download all data and we will start organizing logistics: we will personally contact you in case we need to clarify or add some information.

Best Regards Lab-Box Team 

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