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June Production Update

Aggiornamento: 26 giu 2019

Dear Backers, 

The mould production continues and we are following every step of the process to make sure it goes smoothly. This is a slightly long but very important phase, which is going to last a few more weeks: the moulds will be ready in August and we will confirm it in the July update. In the meantime, we are ordering plastic materials (ABS, Nylon) and metal parts (Stainless Steel 304 and 316) in advance to optimise our time.

Professional lid: meanwhile, final adjustments for the Professional Lid are moving forward and we are currently defining touch keys, firmware details, and testing out functionalities such as thermometer and timer. Besides the manual setting of the timer, using T1 T2 T3 functions, you will be able to memorise up to three different processing times and easily set them during developing, stopping, and fixing. The measuring probe is very precise and the digital sensor has finally been approved and finalised with the collaboration of Texas Instruments.

Seals: we have finally found a rotary seal that was able to endure all our stress tests and that we have customised, as you can see in the following picture. From a standard rubber we have moved to a higher-performing and costlier material (FKM/Viton) though guaranteeing better results.

Lab-Box FKM rotary seal

Accessory update: as you know, one of our stretch goals was the washing funnel: an extra accessory to ease the final washing of film. After running accurate tests, we have ultimately decided not to produce this accessory and relocate our efforts into a new and more effective product for washing. To apologise for this unforeseen issue, we have decided to deliver an easy-to-use and useful Film Retriever for 35mm film to all our Backers and free of charge.

Film Retriever for 35mm, free of charge to all Kickstarter backers

Logistics and deadlines: as the work on packaging designing progresses, we are starting to sort out logistics and shipping arrangements: you have time until July 31st to update your shipping address (on your Kickstarter account) and to add products to your pledge via our website:

Lab-Box Team

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