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June Production Update

Dear Backers,

Your Lab-Box rewards are on their way! 

We started shipping throughout Asia two weeks ago and some of our Asian backers already received, unboxed and used Lab-Box! We are very happy about the feedback we received so far and we are just thrilled to hear more from you. 

Shipping will continue throughout Europe and America through July and August, so do not fear: your Lab-Box will be with you soon!

Our container to Europe just arrived at our hub in Italy. First thing tomorrow, we will start organising our warehouse and setting up local deliveries. Between this week and the next, orders for European backers will be dispatched. 

Lab-Box boxes arrived at our European warehouse in Italy!

Our container ship to America just docked in Los Angeles. The container is expected at our partner warehouse in a few days, so we can start shipping in the next few weeks. 

And there’s more! We have redesigned and updated our website: You will find new videos, tutorials and we are also updating our FAQ page, so if you have suggestions, swing them our way!

As you may imagine, we are trying to keep up with the high number messages and emails we are receiving. We ask that you please bear with us just a few days longer than normal. We also know that sometimes our replies get accidentally marked as spam, so we recommend double checking your spam before contacting us again.

Official Lab-Box sales will start in August, we are committed to delivering to our Kickstarter backers first, as promised. 

We thank you all for your patience and support and we look forward to delivering all your Lab-Box rewards!


Lab-Box Team

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