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Lab-Box - Project news 2020

Dear analog lovers,

These past months we have been working on shipping all the Lab-Box to our backers, our pre-sale customers and our distributor-resellers in every country worldwide.

We can say we shipped the 98% of rewards, so most of you should have received the Lab-Box.

We have finished a second production which has been delivered to our warehouse a few days ago. We have corrected some details and have solved the blade rusting problem. Eventually, we decided to produce only orange and black colors, so the green color is not more available.

The reasons why you might not have received the Lab-Box are:

You might have sent incorrect delivery information or not responded to our email to confirm the address, locations with delivery issues (like Brazil) or you might have decided to wait for the Pro-Lid delivery.

If you have any questions write us to


After many months we have finally solved all the issues we encountered last year. Some testers already tried it and we are now proceeding with the production. We estimate to have the Pro-Lid ready to be delivered before next summer, between May and July. As soon as we have news and confirmation about it, we will let you know and send you all the information.

Photo by Andrea Mignogna - Positive Lab

Share you pictures developed with Lab-Box

Moreover, we will share pictures of photographs developed with Lab-Box on on our social channels, so please use the hashtag #labbox and #idevelopwithlabbox on Instagram!

Spare Parts:

We prepared some spare parts which, if you want, you can buy. We are collecting information about who is interested in buying some parts. Here you find a form online where you can select what you are interested in, so we can collect information and send these parts in each country.


Collaborate with us:

We are looking for backers and customers who wants to help us create new contents, interviews, tutorials, pictures about Lab-Box and analogue photography in general.

If you like to participate please fill this form, so we can get in touch with you! 


Video Tutorials:

Remember that you can find our video tutorial on

However, these last months many users posted video and tutorial about how to use Lab-Box. Here you can find a list (these are just a selection, there are many others).

Italiano: (Video unboxing e tutorial) (Tutti i video tutorial di G.Bonomo)

English: (Developing 120)   (Developing  135) (Lab-Box + C-41 Developing color film) (Matt Day review)

Français (Revue) (Développement 135) (Développement 120)

Español (Review)

Japanese (Tutoria 135 development Monobath) (Tutorial 120 development) (C-41 Development 120 color film)

Thailandese (Review and Tutorial) (Unboxing and Review)

Korean (Review)

Chinese (Review and Tutorial)

Thanks again for you support!

Lab-Box Team

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