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March Production Update

Dear Backers,

We are approaching the final steps of this project. We have almost finished production of the plastic parts, we have already assembled thousands of Lab-Box parts and we are arranging logistics for shipments. 

135 Module Assembly Line

Part of our team is currently in China to see over the last steps. As you can see from the pictures and video attached, everything is going well and a lot of packages are being stocked waiting to be shipped.

We still have some minor issues to solve and manage, but most of the work is done!

Packaged materials ready to be shipped

At this moment we can tell you that we are working on starting the first shipping rounds from the factory to our hubs by the end of April. The entire month of April will be dedicated to finishing the assembly work, running quality checks on products and packaging them. 

As we mentioned in our last update, some testers are checking and evaluating Lab-Box.

A couple of weeks ago one of our backers helped us test out Lab-Box with C-41 development and it seems to work very well! We got great results, check out the video and his review:

One of our backers testing LAB-BOX

Thanks for your support and your patience!

We are doing our very best, and we are almost there.

All the best,

Lab-Box Team

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