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May Production Update

Dear Backers,

At this moment and along the next few weeks, we will be following the mould-making process. The finalisation phase of the various pieces has been long, as we have worked with dozens of prototypes for each piece. Ultimately, Lab-Box will be assembled out of about 25 plastic parts, as we had to separate various parts to ease the mould-making.

Tanks and modules tested final prototypes
Film Guides prototypes

While the moulds are being designed and realised, we are checking and ordering the metal parts (screws, clips, spring for 120 module, blade for 135 module etc.) and we are running some stress tests on the tank’s endurance in order to choose the best gasket: there are many types of rubber and profiles of our rotary seal. So far, the results given by the option we chose are encouraging; as soon as we are done with testing, we will order the stock of gaskets to be assembled to the tanks.

Samples of rubber seals

In the meantime, we can show you the prototype of the crank handle: one of the accessories that took most time but that now finally works very well and is currently being manufactured along with the other parts.

Final Crank prototype

Along the next weeks we will be working on instructions manual and packaging, which you will have a preview of as soon as the layout will be finalised. The Professional Lid is following a parallel production process. Here, you can see the final samples of the temperature sensor with anticorrosive stainless steel probe.

Temperature Sensor probes final prototypes

Towards the end of June, in about a month, we will be able to give you more precise information on the delivery times, as by then we will have a rather realistic expectation of the moulding-injection and assembling times.

Best regards, Lab-Box Team

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