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News, product improvement and new webshop

Dear Backers,   

as announced, we here share with you some of the things we have been working on over the last few weeks in order to optimize and improve the functionality of Lab-Box.

First of all, we have modified the way in which the modules are locked and unlocked.

As you can see from the pictures, the modules are securely fastened by pins, through a double horizontal and vertical movement that secures the module to the tank.

In addition to improving modularity in terms of safety, this change simplifies mould construction and therefore allows a higher quality and precision of the printed piece.


Another important news concerns the knob: we have slightly changed the design to allow a better grip along agitation and better watertightness.

New knob design
Knob Final Prototype


Finally, the most important news, which we have devoted a lot of energies to and we are really satisfied with: The Professional Lid

Lab-Box Professional Lid

After many tests, we have decided to implement the function of the thermometer in a professional lid that is alternative and interchangeable to the standard one.

The Professional Lid contains a built-in thermometer: a stainless steel probe enters in contact with liquids and thus allows to measure the temperature inside the tank in real time. 

Stainless Steel Thermometer Probe

But that was not enough, so we thought of adding a timer, too! Thanks the Professional Lid, it is possible both to measure the temperature and to have a timer for the development times. By using the buttons (+ and -), you can set the time and start the countdown. Also, using the T1, T2, T3 buttons, you can record three different times so that the countdown starts immediately according to the process step.

Thermometer and Timer display

We are very satisfied with the Professional Lid, which enabled us to implement two important functions by creating a new compatible product without compromising the solid tank design.  

Of course, we say it again, this lid will be shipped free of charge to all Kickstarter Backers and it was only possible to achieve it thanks to your contribution and to the incredible result we obtained.


As we have mentioned, we are ready with the webshop, where you can add other products to the shipment of your Reward. 

Starting from tonight, we will send each of you a personal email containing the webshop link, username and password to access the site and be recognized as Backers.   

We want to notify you that it will take us a few days to send an email to all of you.

Soon with new updates! Lab-Box Team

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