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November Production Update

Dear Backers,

We are happy to introduce you to the packaging design and the final draft of the instructions manual for Lab-Box.

New Packaging for Lab-Box

As the mass production of Lab-Box moves along, we are printing and assembling its packaging. We wanted the container to enhance Lab-Box's main features: clean lines, modularity, and appealing colors. To echo the tank’s design, we chose a packaging option with a very clean outline, making the Lab-Box brand recognizable. We also chose to have separate module boxes for the second module, as to enhance Lab-Box's modularity. All boxes feature our corporate orange, but, depending on your chosen Lab-Box color, your box will have an orange, green, or black external strip. Entirely made of paper, these containers are the best accessory to store your Lab-Box in between uses.

Details of the new packaging design

Currently, we are also finalising the instructions manual, which will feature step-by-step illustrations to guide you throughout the developing process. Following, you may take a look at the preview.

Lab-Box Instructions

Meanwhile, our team is still at the factory to check on production. We will be back in a few weeks with a new production update.

All the best,

Lab-Box Team

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