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October Production Update

Dear Backers, 

The work on the moulds has been completed and we are now starting production of all pieces. Next week, we will be back in China, to check on the state of production at the factory.  Throughout the last month, we have thoroughly tested the injection-moulded pieces and gathered feedback from selected testers. 

Final pieces from injection molding

We encountered an issue with the 135 module built-in blade: the type of steel we initially used was too soft, thus making the tip of the blade bend too easily. We therefore decided to switch to the kind of steel used for Japanese knives :) The issue has already been dealt with; indeed, our producers already have the presses running on the new material.  

New sharper blade

In the meantime, we are setting the assembly line for the modules, which will be the first to be moulded and promptly assembled.  As some of you already know, our presentation at Photokina was very successful. We showcased Lab-Box and run a few live demos. Below, you may find: two developing demos for 135 and 120 and a video from our collaboration with CineStill. 


Video demo

Moreover, we are currently arranging logistics throughout our three main international hubs: Europe (Italy), Asia (Hong Kong), and USA (California). 

On the November update, we will post you on this month’s outcomes and show you pictures of production and assembly line. 

As previously mentioned, we are committed to dispatching a first stock to our international hubs by the end of the year. 

Thanks again for your support 

 Lab-Box Team

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