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September Production Update

Dear Backers,

As anticipated, the steel moulds have been completed in the past few days: at the moment, we are running a deep analysis to make sure that everything is okay and make slight adjustments if necessary.

Some of Lab-Box steel moulds

In the meantime, we are printing the first final ABS pieces through injection moulding: the final surface finishing will be the last step.

Some of ABS final parts to test

We are also testing the three finishing colors for the lid and the knob. As of now, results look good and satisfyingly!

Testing the three colors

In the next few days, we will continue our work at the factory to see that everything works properly. Once this job is done, and if no unforeseen issues arise, we will be able to launch the production and have a preciser timeline for assembling and dispatching. We will keep you posted through photos, videos, and new information as they come!

Lab-Box Team

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