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September Production Update #2

Dear Backers,


In the past few weeks, we worked at the factory to check and test all the moulds. We made some minor adjustments to thickness and tolerance of some pieces and everything seems to work very well. The in-depth work of the past few months and the extra time we gave to the first phase finally payed out, indeed we obtained moulds of excellent quality.   

As of now, the next steps are mould-surface finishing and proper machinery calibration in order to proceed with injection molding of all the pieces. Over the course of the next month, by the end of October, we will start printing and assembling all the pieces and we will move on shipments and logistics. 

First pieces from injection molding

It’s been a great deal of work, but we are very excited to see the results and we cannot wait to send out your rewards.

Lab-Box 3 Colors Edition

Thank you for your patience and support!

Lab-Box Team

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